Ashley Maury Jewelry


My work is an ongoing exploration of how jewelry interacts with its wearer while pushing the limits of casting and minimalist design. Like a sketch artist with a pencil, I use a strip of wax to create my figure. I consider each piece as a case study, first as a test of my ability to create minimal connections that will push the limits of casting, next to finish without disrupting the original wax design, and finally as adornment; a test of the wearer’s comfort with wearing a silver sculpture. I participate in the whole process by creating the wax model, casting, finishing, as well as interacting with my customers.


I use fabrication as a way to express my figurative ideas. I work with metal because it is a rigid material that can be manipulated into many different forms. This work combines piercing, forming, soldering and polishing to transform my sketches into jewelry. All of these methods of creating lead to my ultimate goal of adornment.

Artist Statement